The Story of Little Mule

Once upon a time there was a little mule called Grey. Grey really liked to help others. Everyday, Grey wandered around looking for anyone who need help. No matter hot scorching days or rainy days, Grey kept walking and offered everyone help.

The old man who own the bakery shop used to ask Grey to bring him the flour sacks. The lady in the corner grocery ask Grey to help her deliver grocery boxes to customer’s houses. The flower girl ask Grey to pull her carriage. The Carpet merchant told Grey to deliver carpet to customers. Before long every one in town start to dependent on Grey.

Grey – The Little Mule

One day, it was a cloudy day, everyone in town are so busy because of town spring festival. From the beginning of the day, in very early morning, Grey has been helping everyone. The little mule running around to carry stuffs and delivering goods. From the bakery shop, groceries shop, flower stall, Grey never stop helping others.

Grey feels happy doing all these chores. When the rain finally poured, Grey still happily hopped around. People start looking for shelter because the rain becomes heavy. Grey help them to carry their belongings. Boxes, carpets, sacks, and all kinds of stuff are ok, and Grey is always happy to help.

Until nightfall, the rain keeps falling heavily. Everybody wants to go home. They start calling Grey for helping them. The little mule is always happy to help. One by one Grey helps everyone. Carrying a sleeping little girl and her mother to their home in the Western Part of town, pulling a cart for the bakery man who lives near the lake. Grey always be ready for everyone who wants help.

In the morning, the sun shines so brightly. The sky is so clear. Everybody is ready to start the day. They start moving and looking for Grey to help them. “Grey… Grey… where are you? Help me to carry these flour sacks”, the bakery man yelled. There is no answer. It’s so unusual and it seems nobody has seen Grey since last night. The grocery lady asks her little daughter to look for Grey. Before long everyone is worried and starts to look for Grey. “Grey… Where are you little mule?”

The little girl started crying, “Grey look so tired last night when help us home”, she said. The carpet merchant looks so sad, “I forgot to get lunch for Grey yesterday when he help me carry carpets at noon”, he said. The Flower Girl starts crying also, “I didn’t ask Grey to rest a bit after helping me pull the flower cart, at least I should offered a drink to Grey”. The old bakery man closes his face with his hand about to cry, “Grey help me home last, it’s very late in the night. I should have been asking the little mule to have dinner and sleep at my house”. Everybody now remembers and regrets how they never pay attention to Grey’s needs. They take his help for granted because the little mule always looks strong and happy.

That day, even though the sun shines brightly, everybody feels gloomy because they are worried about Grey. They pray so hard for Grey. Wish nothing bad happened to the little mule. The market seems quite down because everybody is in low spirits. They promise to treat Grey better in the future. They promise to treat everyone helpful better in the future.

Just before sunset, a big caravan pulled by the big ox is entering the town. The man who drives it looking for supplies. He is the traveling doctor, who passed by. He stopped in the middle of the market, and start asking around in a louder voice “did any of you miss a little mule? I happened to meet one early in the morning while passing by the woods, The little mule passed out due to fever after helping to give me directions to find this town “.

Everyone stopped chatting, and start coming surrounding the Caravan. “Oh my God, is it Grey? The flower girl screamed.  “We are all so worried since the morning,” said the grocery lady.  The doctor opens the back of his caravan, “Sorry I need to stop and treat the mule’s fever first. Have a look, is this your Grey?” He said. They come closer to the back of the Caravan and see Grey – the little mule just waking up from sleep. “It’s GREY!”, the little girl shouted happily. Everybody cheers and clap happily. They are so happy the little mule is alright. They also give a warm welcome to the doctor who founded and treats Grey.

That night, the town is having a party to celebrate Grey’s return. The little mule is being treated like a prince. Grey is a precious member of the town. The little mule opens everyone’s eyes and hearts that kindness is a gift that should not be taken for granted but to be passed on. THE END.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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