Valentine Surprise Kdrama Series Must Watch – Love to Hate You

Sometime it is worth checking out some unknown drama to see if they are good to watch. Love to Hate You is one of those surprisingly delightful series about romance that hit me hard and bingeing until it is finished. Good thing this series was dropped in its entirety of (only) 10 episodes so no waiting needed. 

Love to Hate is well and tightly written romance story about an actor and a lawyer as leads and then the agent and stewardess as the main support leads. The character of the stories are well build realistically with the female lawyer who are skilled in many martial arts and like to have short fling while the male lead is cold hearted actor to woman with a past. Teo Yo played the male lead (Nam Kang Hoo) and Kim Ok Bin played the female lead (Yeo Mi Ran). I am not familiar with both but they played very well, the chemistry is strong, they both played their fighting action really well as well somehow great comedic sense. At the back of it there is Kim Ji Hoon who played Do Won Jun, Nam Kang Hoo agent and best friend and Ko Won Hee who played Shin Na-Eun who is Yeo Mi Ran bestie and stewardess. There are strong casts in supporting characters such as Lee Joo Bin, Kim Sung Ryun and Jung Kyung Soo that make the story even more entertaining and funny. I am biased to this series because it features strong women throughout the episodes which is not very often in Kdrama, on top of many interesting fight scenes (that I love). However given the story line is romance, the romance storyline and scenes are trademark strong for Kdrama.

I do not know Teo Yoo, so I am caught by surprise how well he acted, this is similar with Kim Ok Bin. While Kim Ji Hoon I have watch Money Heist : Korea, this is equally interesting genre for Kim Jihoon. They are all acted well and make Love to Hate You well worth bingeing. 

While many series focus on costume for female leads, this is the first drama in which costumes for male leads shines a lot more than female leads, perhaps to punctuate the entertainment backstory for the male leads. 

Definitely something you can watch together with your loved ones on valentine !

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