The Point Men, Our Valentine’s Date with Oppa Hyunbin

A romantic movie date on valentine is something mainstream haha.. so on last Feb 14, we opt to watch a thriller instead. Well to be honest, Uri Oppa Hyunbin is the main factor to pick The Point Men. No dispute about him being our favorite Korean actor. And any thriller movie with HYUN BIN as the main lead actor is a must watch.

The Movie Poster

I read that this thriller is inspired by the real events of 2007, when a group of South Korean visitors in Afghanistan were taken hostage by the Taliban. For me is a bit strange why these 23 Korean people traveled to a conflict area such as Afghanistan in the first place, even though maybe they were missionaries, still it seems absurd. 🤔

So though the plot is not so much, we are still so excited when our main reason Hyunbin enter the screen as the superspy who is part Jason Bourne, part Lawrence Of Arabia (a rugged man needs a rugged landscape, you see) and all action man. Once the first close-up of his sun-bronzed cheekbones happens, all the crappy storyline is forgotten. Uri Hyunbin satisfied our eyes with his charismatic running, squinting, and trick motorcycle riding. This action genre is definitely his strength.

This movie could have been done better on the plot and storyline Forte. With the middle east area as a shooting location, for sure the production doesn’t seem to lack budget. The actions parts could be more for viewer adrenaline rush. Instead, it seem more focused on negotiation and long dialogues.

But I need to give thumbs up to actor Kang Ki Yong who played Qasim the interpreter. He is surely well-rounded and a very versatile actor plus comedian. Honestly, he played the roles well I could not recognize him immediately. The last I saw him was on extraordinary attorney woo playing strict boss in a law firm,

So in overall, it’s a quite good movie date for valentine. As Hyunbin fans we are happy. Daebak Oppa Hyunbin 👍! Definitely will watch your next project … ❤️

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