B.I : The Hidden Stage Jakarta, Our Fridate 🥰

That afternoon on Friday March 10, 2023, driving through the crazy traffic in Jakarta, all I could think about was I hope this is worth it. Honestly, before seeing him in person, I was not hardcore fan of B.I, I knew that B.I is a very talented rapper ex YG and ex leader of IKON and I loved most of his songs – especially the masterpiece “Love Scenario”, but that Friday really open my eyes on how great he is. And I am happy that my bestie Dian, also shared the same feelings ..🥰 We become B.I’s new IDs ! 🥰 (note : ID is B.I fans club name).

Fridate with BI 🥰

We met up in front of Casablanca Hall, early because we signed up for the soundcheck session by purchasing VIP tickets. We were so happy because it’s been awhile since our last concert together. And when the soundcheck session start, it was so satisfying finally we can see personally how the great talent performed.

Sound Check Session

Kim Han-bin (born October 22, 1996), known professionally as B.I  is a South Korean Rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer and record producer. Until his departure in 2019, he was the leader of the South Korean boy band iKon under YG Entertainment, and was credited with the production and songwriting for all releases by the group.

His life story is really inspiring. Going through a very hard downfall in 2019, where he was involved in drug allegation, which I believe was being staged to cover up some bigger issue in South Korea, B.I. went through a very depressing period. He wrote a heartbreaking apology note in his Instagram account, deleting all of his social media accounts, left his group iKon and YG Entertainment, canceling all of his shows in South Korean televisions, then seemed to vanish from the world. No body hear anything from him for some time. 

B.I. first appearance after his heartbreaking hiatus was mostly on charity work to orphanage, poverty residences, military camps, or donations for Covid 19 relieves. Until finally by first half of 2021 we finally starting to hear of his comeback to music industry as solo artist under 131 label. FYI, 131 actually his signature number as B.I, and we can see that this 131 label is really being created for his comeback.

This L.O.L Hidden Stage is his first offline Asian Tour after the hiatus. Started in Seoul on December 2022, then continue to Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, Taipei, Macau and more cities I think. We can see that B.I work very hard on this meet up concerts with his fans all over Asia. He put his heart and soul not to let us down. We can see it on this concert in Jakarta, where he always put a lot of energy to hype the venue. He often ask us to stand up and dance with him, even though the concert arrangement was seated hehehe.

Great Live Performance

His interaction with us the fans and audiences also one of the best. Almost 60% of the performance he was coming down from the stage and mingle with the audience. We can feel that B.I miss his fans also, and this feeling create such an up, close, and personal experience. This is when we are falling hard again for B.I and become IDs ! hehehe. There was a moment when he was pouting and stop the music because there is fan walking out from the venue (hehehe maybe she want to go to restroom), only until this fan promise to come back then he continue the performance…. hehehe so cute….

Up close and personal with BI 🥰

Me and Dian both wonder, how come B.I was so energetic through out the 90 minutes performance. Even we as audience were hyping in our seat, dances, etc, we burnt around 700Kcal ! And it’s was nothing compare to him jumpings, dancings, singings, and rappings. We really appreciate how hard he work to entertain us. RESPECT to B.I for always give his best to the fans.

After the show End, we still being pampered by having group photo with him and HiBye session. Even though we know he must be very tired and burnt out, he always give his smile – please note we are the last batch that said goodbye and he was still smiling. DAEBAK Mr Kim Hanbin ! What a great show, great talent, great entertainer… We will always rooting for you ! Love Love Love !

Till we meet again BI… Bye 👋🏻

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