D- day Suga Concert in Jakarta

This will not be an objective review of a BTS concert given that I am newly converted army so everything about BTS is novel. However even if I am taking a view objectively, given the concert and fan meeting that I have attended so far, D Day concert still feel a bit different.

First of all, the opening act is very different than those I have seen so far. It was a sign that the entire concert is themed based and has a lot of deep thinking around it. It also an indication that it is not a just a pop concert but more of artistic endeavor akin to multi media artistic effort. It started with Suga carried by his dancers to kick it off, portraying his revival. It was truly to me unexpected and totally grand entry. 

Banner video which typically either about actor life messages or video about tracks, this time for Suga it was a film shot properly, complete with CGI and as well complete story, truncated into several chapters based on his break. It was an absolutely decent movie, I am a movie buff and I can say this short movie that get made into long MV and banner, is of high quality. For sure the investment on it, it is worthwhile. 

Suga is known to produce wonderful rap songs, some of them infused with music generated by traditional Korean instruments.The lyrics are all meaningful, deeply so. Therefore it was not that difficult to develop killer playlist. However still I am happy to hear all of my favourite Suga’s songs getting performed among others Hageum, Huh, Amygdala, Daechwita, Give It to Me, SDL, Life Goes On, People and of course D Day – this is not in particular order. 

The concert is truly pleasing because while we do not see trademark of choreography one typically see in rap or pop concert, this is nearly all about singing performance, however we are spoiled to see Suga showcase his talents not just singing but also playing piano and guitar. It was acoustic ones so truly a joy to one’s ears. 

While as I share previously so much less choreography in this D Day concert by Suga, that does not mean there is no choreography at all, Suga brought his dancers and they performstill several dances that are dynamicly so and coherent to the songs, it is a line-up of strong dancers as well.

I love that this concert introduces technology play during his song that really coherent with the songs. Even the background of the stage truly reflects the theme of the song. This is something I truly enjoy in D Day (the song). One can see that he is involved with all the elements of his songs and concert by how Suga continue to adjust his position to maximize the technology and optimise the effect of the songs.

While it was not the most interactive concert, but Suga showed his competency as performing artist with still great interaction. The audience, all the Armies with their black attires or white or purple, they responded very affectionately toward Suga. There was a bit of ruckus before the performance start in standing festival section, which represent the enthusiasm of the Army family as always but soon it dissolves as everyone focus on Suga. I am absolutelyu happy to meet some BTS omma (and even haelmoni) ! It is not in every concert one get to meet people my age still enjoying these concerts, data show it is below 1% only ( but happiness know no age boundary, right ?).

While it is not Coldplay-level difficulties to get the ticket, it is still not easy to get, the ticket war was not at all easy to get through. I am thankful that we have managed to snagged two tickets and watch it with my best friend. Concerts are great way to spend girls night out for sure as well destress from normal pressure of life.

I still cant get the exhilaration of D Day concert out of my system and further I am still inspired by the excellence of execution as well the coherency of the entire performance. So much so that I wish I can attend the encore in Korea.

Absolutely love it to the bone !

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