Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

My husband made a comment yesterday before we watched Mission Impossible that for him coming out of Mission Impossible movies, he always subconciously walk a bit straighter. I actually agreed, the feeling is that you were taken in a daring achingly modern adventure to save the world – literally. 

The story revolve around Ethan Hunt as one of the living legend of IMF (I just realise it stands for Impossible Mission Force) and his team is to track down and retrieve sentient AI that gone rogue and become evil and out to rule the world with its merry band of rogue including one of them someone came back from the past, Gabriel. Given it is a sentient AI, it is capable of processing billions of possibility and find ways to influence the outcome based on the scenarios. So the fight goes back to mostly analogue, which makes the adventure less boring. Mission Impossible is a series so you will see characters that have played before such as Luther and Benji – his core team. Ilsa Faust, his alliance in some of their past adventure. EugeneKittiredge is brought back also from one of the first Mission Impossible installment.

As with any of Mission Impossible movies, the filming takes time and this one started in 2019 before Covid 19 so it experiences a lot of enhancement from the audio that need overhauling, the train explosion scene need adjustment and as well some roles need a bit of switch as some actors such as Nicholas Hoult and Angela Basset have constrained to take up their offered roles. Despite or perhaps because all of that and perhaps meticulousness of the moving making, you are up for a treat to see a seamless movie, filmed with excellence in mind. 

As with many of Tom Cruise movies, he still do his own stunts and thus making the movie so much more to watch knowing the actor himself take the risk. The acting of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt remains to be of similar level of his past acting making the character relatively ageless especially with all the actions he did himself. One particularly very dangerous death defying action was to base jump with motor bike from crazy high altitude that he did himself, at 60, it is impossible for all of us not coming out of the movie feeling inspired to do more in life. All of the stunts alone is make every single movie of Mission Impossible worth watching for someone like me who loves action movies filled with daring scenes. Tom Cruise has done Mission Impossible since 1996 so nearly 3 decades, and it shows in the excellence of the movies. The stunts become even more daring, the relationship with Luther and Benji, the chemistry become better with time with all the banters and the relationship history becomes fine with age just like wine. Simon Pegg as Benji and Ving Rhames as Luther has definitely delivered well for their respective roles, the comedic sense coming out of the banters, especially Simon Pegg is craftly delivered. 

The female leads and supporting actresses such as Vanessa Kirby, Pom Klementieff, Rebecca Ferguson and Haylel Atwell, all of them are superbly experienced with extremely daring actions movies be it Mission Impossible series, Fast and Furious series and it shows. Hayley Atwell actually known to execute her own stunts and just like that Mission Impossible hold nearly impossible bar in term of any action movies for its stunts execution. 

Just like any Mission Impossible movies, given that it is daring modern adventure movies, you get to see modern gadgets and cars in action, as much as the actors and actresses itself. This time, you get to see the prowess of BMW self driving car and superb mobility of cute Fiat cars – a feast for someone who loves cars. 

With rotten tomatoes rating of 99% and IMDB rating of 8.3 out of 10, among other positive reviews, it is indeed a quality entertaining action movie to watch. Great movie to watch with your friends and families for sure. 

Verdict : a must watch !

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