Kim Seon Ho 1-2-3 Smile in Jakarta

Kim Seon-Ho gained widespread recognition and a large fan after his breakout role in “Start-Up,” which aired in late 2020. He played the character Han Ji Pyeong, a charismatic and kind-hearted venture capitalist. He was not the male lead, thus all Kdrama fans know in the world of Kdrama when you are not the male lead then you are going to be the sad boy. Nevertheless the drama has caused a major socmed war between Han Ji Pyeong fans Vs Nam Do-San fans. Both sides bickered on who should end up with the female lead Seo Dal-Mi.

Before “Start-Up,” Seon-Ho appeared in various supporting roles in dramas like “Two Cops” (2017) and “100 Days My Prince” (2018), showcasing his versatility as an actor. But it was in “Start Up” where his popularity began to rise and not long after that he was casted as male lead in “Home town cha cha cha” (2021) which brought him more fame. “Home town cha cha cha” is one of my favourite Kdrama and my first introduction to Kim Seon-Ho. After the successful finale of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, Seon-Ho was dragged into a false abortion claim scandal by his ex-girlfriend nine months ago, causing his reputation take a hit and he was dropped from films and television shows, as well as by advertisers. However within weeks, Dispatch (famous Korean Outlet) disclosed their investigation which showed messages between Seon-Ho and his ex where she ‘apologised’ for lying about her whereabouts on one occasion. Messages were also released by Seon-Ho’s agency, showing that the couple had deliberated over the abortion, and they did not break up owing to his fame, but due to her ‘unsettling actions’. After the disclosure, Seon-Ho’s life start to slowly get back on track. In July last year he held his first press conference since the scandal broke and made his comeback in a play: “Touching The Void”.

War Ticket

I am one of the fan who is very eager to see him coming back and got very excited when I read the news that he will hold a fanmeet in Jakarta, arranged by Mecima. Because I already have a Mecima’s membership, I am eligible to buy the exclusive package ticket which comes with group photo and center front-row seats. There are several promoters who usually bring Korean Group/idols/artist to Jakarta such as Mecima, Ime Entertainment Group, Dyandra and Lumina. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok to get the latest update on who is coming. Alternatively you can also follow to get yourself updated.

Initially Kim Seon Ho fanmeet was only planned for 1 day but due to his high popularity, Mecima added 1 additional day which made Kim Seon Ho Fanmeet became the first Fanmeet in Jakarta which was held for 2 days. Despite my preparation for the War-Ticket (I knew there would be one because Seon Ho has a large fanbase in Indonesia, The Seonhada), I didn’t get a ticket in the the first opportunity. I was lucky that Mecima added one more day and I managed to scour one.

The Venue

The typical standard venue for Fanmeet is usually Kasablanka Hall but due to Seon Ho’s popularity (his tickets were sold out within minutes!), his Fanmeet would be hold in Indoor Tennis Senayan.

MCP Package ticket holder need to check in from 13.00 to 16.00 and then we need to queue for photo at 16.30 The waiting area in Indoor Tennis Senayan is outdoor, unlike Kasablanka Hall which is located in site the Mall and thus full aircon. Waiting for hours outside in a hot sunny day is not a pleasant experience even though Mecima has provided various photobooths, merchandise stalls and F&B stalls. Clothing tips for Senayan based Venue: wear light clothes and bring sweater/jacket as it will be cold once you are inside the venue.

The Group Photo

If you buy MCP Package ticket, you have opportunity for photo group. The group photo consist of 18 people and whether you can sit or stand close to Seon Ho is all down to luck. You will be asked to queue in a row of 18 people per group. They will then assign the seating based on the queue. It was a 5 seconds process once you’re seated; so be prepared to give your best smile when photographer said 1-2-3 smile. You won’t even realize that Seon-Ho had already joined in the frame lol. Then it was 3 seconds opportunity too see him up close and wave to him.

I came alone to the Fanmeet as Dian didn’t manage to get a ticket. But as we queued for photo ops I made new friends and we exchanged story about out Fanmeet experience and how we get to love Seon-Ho.

The Fanmeet

We are allowed in at 18.00, one hour before the venue. Once inside I appreciate that Tennis Indoor’s seating layout provides better experience in seeing the stage vs Kasablanka Hall. You can still see better even if you do not get front row Vs Kasablanka hall.

The show started at 19.00 and we were greeted by our MC Indra Herlambang before it was officially opened by Seon Ho entered the stage singing.

By now, Indra Herlambang has made himself the most scouted MC for all Korean actors Fanmeet and he and the loveable interpreter: Serinjo have done such a great job in making the Fanmeet a successful and memorable event for Fans.

The Fanmeet consist of 2 parts. In the first Part Seon Ho was interviewed and he has to answered various questions and also tried speaking in Bahasa. He also shared that he felt a bit nervous with his upcoming movie “The Childe” where he is playing an antagonist role for the first time. One of the iconic moment was when Indra asked for a role play with Seon Ho when Indra acted as his Fans and he truly captured how we would act if we get to meet him up-close 121 in person lol. Seon-Ho also picked some lucky fans to come on stage to role play some of the scene from his drama.

In the second part, Indra asked Seon Ho to play several games and if he lost he need to answer difficult questions. We also played a game with everybody in the venue where we have to answer several questions about Seon Ho and the winner who gets all questions right received a special present from Seon Ho. Seon Ho also picked more lucky people to come on stage and play a game with him.

Two hours passed so quickly because Seon Ho is very entertaining; humble and simply loveable. You can feel his sincerity toward his fans and the effort he made to keep his fans happy. The fanmeet was ended by Seon Ho singing and deliver his farewell note and thanking all his fans for supporting to him to be at a place where he is now. As we exit we had another chance to see him up close and wave goodbye to him and yell “Oppa sarangye” (Hi-Bye Session).

I hope this review can help those who are on the fence about Fanmeet and also to fans who didn’t get a chance to meet Seon-Ho in Jakarta.

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