Indiana Jones – Dial of Destiny

I grew up with Indiana Jones movies and fell in love with Harrison Ford along the way. I like it so much that my Petra trip was indeed inspired by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie. I also like Indiana Jones as the female lead is not the weak, clingy type but (some are) independent to a fault, smart, with a tinge of baggage. At the very least, given this is adventure series, the ladies can’t all be lounging around in some salon all the time. Growing up, one has to look up to some real idol on screen and Indiana Jones movies is it for me. 

Since last Indiana Jones installment with Shia Beouf as his son, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull, I have been waiting eagerly to the next and probably the last installment.After all the last one had been in 2008. Some news of restart come and gone for many years. A decade and a half, finally the next and last installment has arrived, with Harrison Ford at 80. 

The storyline is started in 1944 during World War II whenIndiana Jones and Basil Shaw failed to retrieve the Lance of Longinus yet stumble at Antikythera built by Archimedes, which initially located by Jurgen Voller. This relic is valuable as it can identify fissure in time and therefore allow for possibility of time travel. Fast forward to 1969, while Indiana Jones is in the brink of retiring, his son died in the war and separated from his beloved wife, Marion Ravenwood. Then he stumbled (or found by) his god daughter, Basil Shaw’s daughter, Helena Shaw who is after the Antikythera and is looking to locate also the next piece as it was broken in half, travelling to Tangier and Sicily. 

Harrison Ford still playing Indiana Jones of course, Phoebe Waller Bridge played Helena Shaw,  while John Rhhys-Davies played Sallah and Toby Jones played Basil Shaw, Jones’ friends. As in Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom, we have Ke Huy Quan playing Short Round, Indy’s side kick, in Dial of Destiny we have Ethann Isidore playing Teddy’s Kumar, Helena’s sidekick. We also most importantly have Karen Allen playing Marion Ravenwoord, Jones’s ex wife who aided in finding the Ark of Covenant in 1936 and as well Crystal Skull of Akator in 1957. 

I am prepared to have at best mediocre review for Indiana Jones. After the finale episode of James Bond with Daniel Craig as well as Marvel’s Infinity episode, I am accepting that finale episode is not easy to make into ‘going out with a big bang’. Not to mention many less than good review coming its way. However coming out of the movie (and seeing my husband not sleep even a wink into the movie and see a trace of smile here and there), I dont think the review do justice to the movie. Helene Shaw did a circle back into the earlier Indiana Jones character that is deeply into history but with a twist albeit still holding into the word “Raiders” quite strictly. Helene Shaw’s character is also made relevant with feminist lens and as well While it still hold into Nazi and Ancient history theme, the Archimedes storyline is quite fresh and interesting. I find the tired emotion because of his son death as well being slightly irrelevant and out of place in 1969 is also being played well. The funny and comedic timing by Indy, Helene and others are quite well placed and especially Helena’s chasing scene by her ex fiancee in Tangier is very funny. There are still quite interesting stunts by 80 years old Harrison Ford, but it wasnt overdone. 

Watching the final installment of Indiana Jones is like saying goodbye to my youth (which has long gone by the way) and at the same time getting excited to be reminded where to have my adventure next (Tangier now seem very interesting to visit as well as Sicily). 

Verdict : A must see for those longing for good old fashion adventure movies, those who are simply a big fan of Indiana Jones series and anyone who love action movies.

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