Moving : An Unusually Great Series

I was not in the beginning keen to start watching Moving given what I read that it is about super power teenagers versus Governments. I am a Marvel addict through and through, but even then sometime I want a bit of pause from its bombardment. Aside from Jo In Sung, the rest is not names I have in my mindso not until my best buddy recommend me to try Moving I started to sample. I have not regretted since. 

Moving is in Disney+ (who now very pleasantly surprised with the flood of interest to Moving that must have made them mint money), it is based on webtoon by Kang Full (who is one of the most famous Korean first generation webtoon artist). The series is headlined by Han Hyo-Joo (Lee Mi-Hyun, mother of Kim Bong Seok and wife of Kim Doo Sik, her super power is she has extra strength on her ears and eyes), Jo In-Sung (father of Kim Bong Seol and wife of Kim Doo Sik, he can fly), Cha Tae-Jun(Jeon Gye Do who has ability to generate electricity), Ryoo Seung-Bum (Frank, CIA agent with super power of self healing), Kim Sung-Kyung (Lee Jae-Man who is Lee Gang-Hoon father who have super human strength and speed), Lee Jung-Ha (Kim Bong Seok, son of Lee Mi-Hyun and Kim Doo Sik, can fly and can hear and see in a super human way), Go Young-Jung (Jang Hui-Soo, daughter of Jang Ju-Won, who has super human strength and healing power) and Kim Do-Hoon(Lee Gang-Hoon, who is son of Lee Jae-Man, also posses super human strength and speed just like his father).

The story goes deeper and richer than just short intro typically you read about super power teenagers agaisnt the world. There are myriad of love stories, for the parents, for the teenagers and love from the parents to their respective super power children, even humane stories about the villain coming from North Koreain which evil may arise from struggle and coercion. There are stories about bullying (which now surface in many Korean series as side stories if not main stories). There are stories of how people with super human power are still human who struggle in studies and at work. With Park In-Je and Park Younseo as the directors, cinematography is as moving (no pun intended) as what I have seen in Kingdom 2, frames and scenes are created innovatively and movingly. It captures details of struggle to control bodies with different ability very nicely, for example on how Bong-Seok have to deal with his sleep and when he felt emotional toward Young-Jung. Scenes created in collaboration by VFX studios (which deliver 7540 effects) are done subtly and in glorious harmonization with the emotional elements of the scenes. 

Zo In Sung who are very fastidious with his movies / series is indeed one of those rare talents that can convey emotions without a lot of words and body movement, his role carry the emotional heavy weight along with Ryu Seung-ryong (who has played in Kingdom 2) and Kim Sung-kyun, very succesfully, putting human emotion into super power story in every single frame without fail. Lee Jung-Ha, Kim Do-Hoon and although to lesser extend Go Youn-Jung showed promising future as accomplished actors. Han Hyo-Joo who has difficult role to carry playing alongside Zo In Sung also delivered well agaisnt expectation. There are tender moments and comedic timing to deliver agaisnt powerful emotional struggle, violent emotion on bullying scenes and romance to be delivered, they are all delivered on point., these can happen because the supporting casts are equally powerful such as Yu Seung-Mok and Kim Hee-Won duo who are the principle and teacher who effectively run the school and under order of NIS to manage the super powered children. 

Moving was one of the most watched Disney+ series globallyever (within 7 days of release no less !), it received 98% audience score in Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb 8.6 rating. These rating must have represent artistically and as well entertainment-wise Moving as series.

To miss watching world-class incredibly story told superbly by amazing actors and to top it up, with visual effect that is so good that it barely register as effects, is akin missing watching masterpiece. It is one of those that can be watched by family, friends and with loved ones – or all of the above. 

Verdict : Absolutely Totally A Must Watch. Watch Now.

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