Love in the Workplace

This is not an article about love in the workplace per se. It is more about why love is important for me in the workplace and how you can leverage love at work for your successful career. Of course, this is my personal experience. Before I share my love experience at work, let me start with definition of love that to me is relevant for work. Love is (as noun) a great interest and pleasure in something or a deep feeling of affection to someone. Therefore love is about intense feeling of pleasure and affection to someone or something. Love for Work I … Continue reading Love in the Workplace

Accelerate Your Career Progressing Through Doubling Your Top Line

My intention on writing this article, while it will talk at length about how to smartly grow top line, is to help you progress your career in the most sustainable way possible. That’s right, the most sustainable way to progress your career is to acquire mastery in growing top line. This is also the way to ensure security of your career. It is not only for commercial professionals such as sales, marketing and business development roles, but also for functional roles such as finance, HR, procurement, etc, if you can acquire yourself experiences on successful collaboration to grow business, it is a guaranteed way to grow your value in … Continue reading Accelerate Your Career Progressing Through Doubling Your Top Line

What Happen If Your Leader(s) are Not-So-Good Ones ?

My previous article talk about what you can and can’t expect from good leaders. I hope once you read the article, you will reflect on whether your leader(s) are good or great ones. I for sure hope you discover your leaders are at the very least good ones or almost good ones and on his / her way to become even better every day. Don’t waste any moments with them, leverage them to produce your work masterpiece, to make you shine and to help you become a better professional and individual. If I were you, I leverage them fully to help me become the best … Continue reading What Happen If Your Leader(s) are Not-So-Good Ones ?

What You Can and Cannot Expect from Good Leaders

This is my reflection being a leader moving up the rank for the past 20+ years but also as team members under many leaders in more than five companies in varying degrees of size and sectors. The intention is to manage expectations for you and hopefully help in managing your wellbeing. My mother used to say that disappointment start with over expectations and expectations at the right level lead to happiness, so hopefully you will come out happier reading my reflections. I also want to help contribute in term of perspective of good leaders based on practical experience. The basis of my own leadership has … Continue reading What You Can and Cannot Expect from Good Leaders

3 Ways to Handle and 2 Ways to Benefit from Handling Extreme Stress in Workplace

Reflecting on my 30+ years of my work experience and contemplating what I would have shared with my younger self to do better, handling extreme stress is one learning invaluable I gotten and valued. It is a lie to say that we can escape extreme stress in workplace, we will always get caught in one. Especially those with fast track career. My late father told me that endurance under severe weather will build resilience, stamina and innovativeness among others, he neglected to tell me at what price but I can attest that he is right. Now the most important question … Continue reading 3 Ways to Handle and 2 Ways to Benefit from Handling Extreme Stress in Workplace

Reflection on Future Skillset Most Needed

This article is a reflection I gather from my working experience as senior leaders in my organization (I have done marketing, sales, finance, etc so have good feel across), contemplating on the company strategic plan for the next 10 years then. I believe these skillsets apply across industries and seniority level, with different mastery level and focus but in general one need to be at skilled level. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) skillset While currently these three are specialist skills for role that has ‘advisor, analyst’ to it, as the world embarks on more aggressive energy transition schedule driven by … Continue reading Reflection on Future Skillset Most Needed