The Story of Little Mule

Once upon a time there was a little mule called Grey. Grey really liked to help others. Everyday, Grey wandered around looking for anyone who need help. No matter hot scorching days or rainy days, Grey kept walking and offered everyone help. The old man who own the bakery shop used to ask Grey to bring him the flour sacks. The lady in the corner grocery ask Grey to help her deliver grocery boxes to customer’s houses. The flower girl ask Grey to pull her carriage. The Carpet merchant told Grey to deliver carpet to customers. Before long every one … Continue reading The Story of Little Mule

Tips on choosing Primary School

I started to regret why I promised Dian and Lucky to write about this topic because as I started writing, I just realized how large this topic can be. For new parents, enrolling their child to school is a new milestone just like exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, introducing solid food, baby’s first step and somehow as time flies by, it is school time soon. Having two kids who are already in high school and primary, I get these questions from time to time on how do I choose school for my kids. Getting my daughter enrolled to primary school … Continue reading Tips on choosing Primary School

Tutoring Your Own Children

There is this view that mother has little patience to tutor own children and thus those who can and do so successfully, must be truly extraordinary and really walk-on-water mom. I am definitely not a walk-on-water mom, I tutor my daughter simply because I have to, as I struggle to find someone initially who can do successfully, especially in early year of my daughter education period. My late father also tutor me endlessly so I simply follow in my father footstep. I am sharing my experience to tutor your daughter, hopefully this will be helpful for those in the same … Continue reading Tutoring Your Own Children


My trip to Aceh happened when I was 7 months pregnant and that was the last of my trip saga for the year. I had to let go my Ternate tickets which I impulsively purchased during Garuda Travel Fair as no airlines would allow me to fly at 8 months pregnancy. My baby girl was born in the end of Jun and after 1.5 months hybernating at home I started to feel the itch to travel again. When I knew Hubbie is going to Bali for some seminar I nagged and nagged to tag along and he eventually gave in. … Continue reading TIPS ON HOW TO FLY WITH A BABY