Kokdu: Season of Deity and Kim Jung Hyun

I want to start with self disclose that unlike the rest of review where it is as objective as I can be. This review is not. I fell in love with Kim Jung-hyun watching Mr Queen, well actually even in Crash Landing on You as well as Waikiki. He has peculiar sense of comedic and at the same time able to move from comedic to romantic moment quickly without losing essence one or the other. Many of his scenes showcase his sensitive nature, as his acting came through in totality through his entire being sometime departing from typical body language and expression for given scenes, some actors you can … Continue reading Kokdu: Season of Deity and Kim Jung Hyun

B.I : The Hidden Stage Jakarta, Our Fridate 🥰

That afternoon on Friday March 10, 2023, driving through the crazy traffic in Jakarta, all I could think about was I hope this is worth it. Honestly, before seeing him in person, I was not hardcore fan of B.I, I knew that B.I is a very talented rapper ex YG and ex leader of IKON and I loved most of his songs – especially the masterpiece “Love Scenario”, but that Friday really open my eyes on how great he is. And I am happy that my bestie Dian, also shared the same feelings ..🥰 We become B.I’s new IDs ! … Continue reading B.I : The Hidden Stage Jakarta, Our Fridate 🥰

My 4 Wuxia fave in 2023

Without doubt I have soft spots with wuxia movies. It was my go to movie date for the longest time and my fave romance series. While Saeguk is also interesting but to me nowhere near wuxia (or in some instances xianxia movies).  Januari 2023 started strong with strong line up of wuxia series, some of them very very strong quality with not only trademark strong fight choreography, but also strong cinematography and strong props. Here are the list for you to pick from. Enjoy ! A League of Noblemen A League of Noblemen is one such story albeit one of the male lead has no martial … Continue reading My 4 Wuxia fave in 2023

5 Kdrama to Make Everyday is Valentine Day for Everyone

First of all, Valentine Day to me is just a day for all of us to articulate our love for our loved ones, it can be our spouse, boy/girlfriend, children and best friends – even our beloved extended families at work or at school. It definitely should be just one day in 365 days that we articulate more of our loves. They all deserve more than that, after all they also give their loves to us not just 1 day in a year but every single day in the year.  However, to pause on 14th February of our busy lives and then spend time … Continue reading 5 Kdrama to Make Everyday is Valentine Day for Everyone

5 New Great Sageuk (Traditional K-Drama) 2022 – 2023 To Date To Watch

Without doubt, Sageuk is one genre some people like and indeed we see some classics that are thoroughly entertaining. Some include My Sassy Girl, Sungkyungkwan Scholar, Hwarang and Mr Queen among others. Here are some of the newer batch for your choices. Poong, The Joseon Pyschiatrist It should be a full on drama but somehow it has its own comedic moments that make you smile throughout the series. After all this is a series head line by Kim Min-jae who lead a very funny series of Dali and the Cocky Prince (another must-watch, by the way) and the stories indeed has been shaped to allow funny moments.  … Continue reading 5 New Great Sageuk (Traditional K-Drama) 2022 – 2023 To Date To Watch

Crash Course in Romance – A Simply Must See

I was fresh out of Forbidden Marriage (another funny warmhearted light kdrama you must watch, see my review) and wondering what else to watch, then I came across teaser of Crash Course in Romance that is quite unique. I did not know what to expect, there seems to be math hagwon-related story (hagwon is Korean after school tutorial which is a huge business in academic-centric Korean culture) but also slow burn romance hint then also funny comedic thing going on, I can’t fathom how to connect this. The first one seems like Penthouse-type makjang story I don’t quite prefer but … Continue reading Crash Course in Romance – A Simply Must See