Indiana Jones – Dial of Destiny

I grew up with Indiana Jones movies and fell in love with Harrison Ford along the way. I like it so much that my Petra trip was indeed inspired by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie. I also like Indiana Jones as the female lead is not the weak, clingy type but (some are) independent to a fault, smart, with a tinge of baggage. At the very least, given this is adventure series, the ladies can’t all be lounging around in some salon all the time. Growing up, one has to look up to some real idol on screen and Indiana Jones movies is it for me.  Since last Indiana Jones … Continue reading Indiana Jones – Dial of Destiny

Oppenheimer – The Best Biopic in this Century (for me)

I am sure there are already many reviews wax lyrical about Oppenheimer – and I agree with all of those reviews. It is a deja vu for my feeling as when I watch The Post or Beautiful Mind or on the lighter side but no less quality, Bohemian Rhapsody. That feeling when you watch a masterpiece, even three hours went so fast and every other moment you feel awestruck on many of the scenes. Oppenheimer is basically a truly epic biopic written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan is award winning Director with his latest achievement is Dunkirk (he won … Continue reading Oppenheimer – The Best Biopic in this Century (for me)


I was a bit hesitating on whether or not I should watch Queenmaker. However upon reading the synopsis, which said that it is a drama about Korea politics where the leads are (nearly all) strong women characters, it is too intriguing to miss. The story is about accomplished fixer named Hwang Do-hee who works for Eunsong Group, chaebol (by now I realize how fixated and classic is chaebol theme for nearly all Korean writers) that focuses on retail and real estate (this also pretty classic). She fixed nearly unfixable situation with gusto. On the other side, we have Oh Kyung-sook … Continue reading Queenmaker

Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

My husband made a comment yesterday before we watched Mission Impossible that for him coming out of Mission Impossible movies, he always subconciously walk a bit straighter. I actually agreed, the feeling is that you were taken in a daring achingly modern adventure to save the world – literally.  The story revolve around Ethan Hunt as one of the living legend of IMF (I just realise it stands for Impossible Mission Force) and his team is to track down and retrieve sentient AI that gone rogue and become evil and out to rule the world with its merry band of rogue including one of them someone came back from the … Continue reading Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Doctor Cha – A very funny yet deep in meaning Makjang

I try to avoid makjang Korean drama most of the time, with several exception. I somehow get trapped watching Young Lady and Gentleman, which is a full-on drama with controversial age differences. However, as I was in between kdrama, I accidentally watched Doctor Cha, which I discover is a light makjang and medical drama. This is a drama whose stars are not the typical young mega stars. So it really relies on the storyline and the acting. Doctor Cha is also an interesting thinking on what if Makjang can be made light and with strong comedy twist instead thriller drama … Continue reading Doctor Cha – A very funny yet deep in meaning Makjang

Air – A very Interesting Movie on Nike and Air Jordan

I have loved duo of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck since their Good Will Hunting days. Them acting separately is somehow not as great as whenever they come together and make movies. While their movies are not exactly cerebral nor brain scratcher, their movies tends to make me think days after watching the movies and discuss the theme. Some of my favourites are Good Will Hunting, Dogma and Last Duel. I simply love the way their dynamic works to tell the stories. I have to be hones that the story of Nike is equally interesting for me, bootstrapping into the … Continue reading Air – A very Interesting Movie on Nike and Air Jordan

Call It Love – A Great Slow Burn Romance

Slow burn dark under rated romance is not my favourite genre. However this one is so good that I nearly dont care whether this story will end as sad ending or not (spoiler alert,  it does not have sad ending).  The story focus on Kim Woojoo (Lee Sung Kyung) who is the female lead character with two siblings older and younger, they are abandoned by their father who remarried while their mom went to live country side after the incident. Her father principally remarried with his mistress and hismistress kicked the siblings out of their house without warning. In parallel Han Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang) who is … Continue reading Call It Love – A Great Slow Burn Romance

Dungeon and Dragon – A Must See !

Admittedly I am not a gamer, I only game through my daughter albeit D&D (as she calls it) is not her favourite. I decided to watch because I quite like Chris Pine. I watched him grew up on screen in many of his movies, Star Trek franchise, Wonder Women, This Means War (still one of my old time favourite for romance action movie more than a decade later), Princess Diaries and even Just My Luck, not to mention Jack Ryan. So I have watched him nearly 20 years and now here we are in a video game movie for a 42 years old (former) heartthrob. I was … Continue reading Dungeon and Dragon – A Must See !

Must Watch Korea Chick Flick – Kill Boksoon

Admittedly there are several reasons I decided to watch KillBoksoon. First of all, I love chick flick of all kind, it feels empowering and exciting to me. Secondly, watching action movies with lots of fighting scene is also I love. Additionally, Jeon Do-yeon who played Gil Bok Soon is not a known actress to me before Crash Course in Romance, in which she also portrayed a strong female character so am naturally curious. Sowith all of these, I decided to watch.  This movie has a typical assassin storyline but with a slight but yet interesting twist. Subtle love story with a twist. Single mom teenage daughter touching storyline (perhaps because I have … Continue reading Must Watch Korea Chick Flick – Kill Boksoon

Kokdu: Season of Deity and Kim Jung Hyun

I want to start with self disclose that unlike the rest of review where it is as objective as I can be. This review is not. I fell in love with Kim Jung-hyun watching Mr Queen, well actually even in Crash Landing on You as well as Waikiki. He has peculiar sense of comedic and at the same time able to move from comedic to romantic moment quickly without losing essence one or the other. Many of his scenes showcase his sensitive nature, as his acting came through in totality through his entire being sometime departing from typical body language and expression for given scenes, some actors you can … Continue reading Kokdu: Season of Deity and Kim Jung Hyun