I was a bit hesitating on whether or not I should watch Queenmaker. However upon reading the synopsis, which said that it is a drama about Korea politics where the leads are (nearly all) strong women characters, it is too intriguing to miss. The story is about accomplished fixer named Hwang Do-hee who works for Eunsong Group, chaebol (by now I realize how fixated and classic is chaebol theme for nearly all Korean writers) that focuses on retail and real estate (this also pretty classic). She fixed nearly unfixable situation with gusto. On the other side, we have Oh Kyung-sook … Continue reading Queenmaker

Tips to avoid expensive roaming charges when travelling abroad

Those days where you can turn off your phone and rely on a good paper map to go places have long gone. Nowadays mobile phone and a good internet connection is a basic need every traveller needs. You need to access apps such as google map, metro map, currency converter, weather forecast etc to make your trip easier and enjoyable. Here, we’re outlining options you can choose to remain connected below: 1. Buy a roaming package data from your phone provider This is the easiest option but not always the cheapest. If you’re based in Indonesia, Telkomsel has a decent … Continue reading Tips to avoid expensive roaming charges when travelling abroad