Things to know before Traveling to France

France especially Paris is the dream destination for many people, me included!Just like when you travel to other countries you need to do some research and learn a bit about how things are in your destined country. The same goes especially with France. If you go outside Paris, many things are in French and not English. France is close to my heart because my darling sister has made a home here so I’ve been here a few times and would like to share some tips. Continue reading Things to know before Traveling to France

PARIS – Where to Stay & How to Get Around

Paris is a big city and it is always crowded being the most visited place in the world. It can be daunting for the first timer to navigate around, so I thought I write some basic logistics that hopefully can help. WHERE TO STAY – UNDERSTANDING PARIS NEIGHBORHOODS Paris is huge and the city’s attractions are all spread out across the city. Hence there is no single place that is at the center of everything. Let’s first understand about Paris neighborhood or arrondissements as the Parisian calls it. Paris is set up into 20 Arrondissements and each Arrondissement in Paris … Continue reading PARIS – Where to Stay & How to Get Around