Paris – 6 days itinerary and beyond

Paris, the city of light is probably the most visited city in the world and there is so much to see it can be overwhelming for first time visitors. Four days is what we think ideal time you should spend in Paris and then spend another 2 days to see beyond Paris. Obviously you will not be able to cover everything in your first visit but with this itinerary we hope to cover top attractions and when you come back again you will be able to enjoy Paris in a more relaxing pace. Read my article here for information on … Continue reading Paris – 6 days itinerary and beyond

PARIS – Where to Stay & How to Get Around

Paris is a big city and it is always crowded being the most visited place in the world. It can be daunting for the first timer to navigate around, so I thought I write some basic logistics that hopefully can help. WHERE TO STAY – UNDERSTANDING PARIS NEIGHBORHOODS Paris is huge and the city’s attractions are all spread out across the city. Hence there is no single place that is at the center of everything. Let’s first understand about Paris neighborhood or arrondissements as the Parisian calls it. Paris is set up into 20 Arrondissements and each Arrondissement in Paris … Continue reading PARIS – Where to Stay & How to Get Around


London, UK We landed in Heathrow airport and went straight to Ascot where I was going to stay for few days for work related at Macdonald Beryestede Hotel & Spa. It was a very nice Hotel in a quiet location. Perfect for weekend getaway or if you want to have a meeting with no interruption. Ascot Town was only 30 minutes drive from Heathrow airport. I booked Addison Lee car transfer to take me to the Hotel as I have a big suitcase and there is no suitable public transport from Heathrow to my Hotel in Ascot. Day 1 – … Continue reading LONDON AND FRANCE GIRLS TRIP ITINERARY