London trip this time was unplanned and unexpected. If I have known I’d go back on the same year, I’d apply for 1 year VISA on my first visit last March. In total this was my 3rd time to London and hopefully not going to be the last. This time, the trip was pretty special because I was going with Hubby and it was like going to the past where were dating 12 years ago. a reunion because 12 years ago we were dating in London. So the real reason why I went to London again in less than a year … Continue reading LONDON WINTER GETAWAY ITINERARY


London, UK We landed in Heathrow airport and went straight to Ascot where I was going to stay for few days for work related at Macdonald Beryestede Hotel & Spa. It was a very nice Hotel in a quiet location. Perfect for weekend getaway or if you want to have a meeting with no interruption. Ascot Town was only 30 minutes drive from Heathrow airport. I booked Addison Lee car transfer to take me to the Hotel as I have a big suitcase and there is no suitable public transport from Heathrow to my Hotel in Ascot. Day 1 – … Continue reading LONDON AND FRANCE GIRLS TRIP ITINERARY