30 hours without electricity in Bira Amatoa resort 

The wind had somehow developed into a storm by night time. The wind was so ferocious, it literally bang on our door. At around midnight the electricity was cut out in the whole area. Turned out that the hotel genset was broken and we were stranded with no electricity for 30 hours! In the morning the wind finally stopped blowing and the sea was calmer. Amatoa Resort had direct access to the sea. Seeing that the sea was calmer at low tide, Hubby and I decided to take a dip. We don’t have water in our room anyway so the … Continue reading 30 hours without electricity in Bira Amatoa resort 

Amatoa Resort

Day 3 wasn’t so pleasant with the wind blowing pretty hard on the beach.  See below how our hair got swept by the wind! We checked out from our accommodation in Bara Beach around 11am and use the hotel car to drive us to Amatoa resort (cost IDR 50K to Tanjung Bira). And if I thought it was windy on Bara Beach, the wind was even stronger at Amatoa Resort because it was perched on a cliff straight to the ocean. Amatoa Resort was even more breathtaking than the picture I saw on their website. Bara Beach was beautiful, but … Continue reading Amatoa Resort