She Said : A Movie about Doing the Right Thing

Some movies were made for mostly entertainments, some were made for entertainments but with messages of values and some almost made for documentary of doing the right thing. She Said is the later. It is about the article that inspire #Metoo movement worldwide. It is also a movie about investigative journalism, much like some of my favorit movies of all time such as The Post, Spotlight and The Insider.  I remember I read about the article from Vanity Fair and was too stunned then that something like this can happen in US unchecked for so long. I always thought then in US one need to be very observant in one behavior to avoid being … Continue reading She Said : A Movie about Doing the Right Thing

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

I am an avid Marvel fan. I have not missed any of Marvel movie and with my life schedule, it requires hard work to make it happen. Therefore I have gone through the excellent ones, good ones and average ones. Wakanda franchise is one of which I wasn’t very sure I want to watch, I am crazy about super power but I need to understand exactly what to get me excited, in the beginning I couldn’t catch what is the super power and also what is the context. Then I realize it is a lovely story about independence of a … Continue reading Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

Enjoying awesome Sri Asih Movie

I have to say that the trailer of Sri Asih is a great hook to begin with. I am very interested. I watched Gundala, love it and feel proud to see Indonesian universe. Thus without trailer I would have watched anyway but the trailer is a strong hook already. Sri Asih is second installment of Bumi Langit universe after Gundala, with female lead by Pevita Pearce as Sri Asih (and Alana). This movie cost a fortune as it features strong ensemble. It has Ario Bayu (Ghazul), Jefri Nichol (Tangguh), Reza Rahadian (Jatmiko) and Surya Sahputra (Prayogo Adinegara). It further has … Continue reading Enjoying awesome Sri Asih Movie

Enola Holmes Movies Review

I have to declare first that I am helplessly addicted with anything Holmes – since I was very young. Agatha Christie too but that’s different topic. When Robert Downey Jr played Sherlock, I was vibrating with excitement because it is two of my favourite entertainment become one. Anyway, when the story of Enola got written a while back by Nancy Springer, I of course bought one after another. Given that I am feminist, the idea there is a female Sherlock Holmes, got me beyond excited. I enjoy all the books absolutely. So when it got made into a movie, at … Continue reading Enola Holmes Movies Review