Golo Hilltop Hotel

The view from our room at Golo Hilltop Hotel where we stay on the first night in Labuan Bajo before we sail to Komodo island. IDR 325K/night with aircon. We could barely feel the aircon though. Not sure if Flores is just too hot or it was the freon problem. Electricity was off also that night for the whole LBJ for couple of hours and it took ages for them to run the generator. Continue reading Golo Hilltop Hotel

Sightseeing idea in Flores

Labuan Bajo – Different islands in Komodo National Park; ideal for snorkeling, diving, fishing or relaxing on the beach– Komodo and Rinca island with the Komodo dragons, water buffalos, deer, wild pigs, monkeys, different species of birds and unique flora– Pulau kalong (flying foxes island) where around sunset hundreds of bats fly out, which is a spectacular sight– Batu Cermin, mirror cave, here you can see stalagmites and stalactites Around Labuan Bajo – Cunca Rami: a waterfall with a refreshing natural swimming pool (2 hours drive from Labuan Bajo and trekking for 1 hour go and back)– Cunca Wulan: a series … Continue reading Sightseeing idea in Flores

Beach Holiday move to Flores+Komodo

Thanks to Yudhi mentioning Flores, I now remember my craving to go to Flores and Komodo Island 😛 Have been browsing for hours with very slow internet connection and found 2 option 1. Use http://www.putrikomodo.com/tours__KOMODO_ISLAND_23.html and take their 3D/2N option of Rinca Komodo Kanawa tour (2.75jt without Bali-LB ticket. with Bali-LB-Bali ticket 4.75jt) Day 1: Bali – LB- Rinca Day 2: Rinca – Komodo – Pink beach – Kanawa Island Day 3: Kanawa island – LB – Bali 2. Use Peramatour 2.6jt http://www.peramatour.com/HKC01en.php 3D/2N: LOMBOK – PERAMA ISLAND – SATONDA – KOMODO – LAB.BAJO 3. http://www.bali-travel-online.com/komodo_island/3days_komodo_tour_vialbj.htm They’re having promo: USD389 include ticket … Continue reading Beach Holiday move to Flores+Komodo