Our Fantastic Boat Crew

I would like to make a special post to these people who have made our trip so memorable and enjoyable 🙂 Captain Lutfi and his 2 crews plus Stefan our Guide.Picture is taken by Jeffry Buana, our local agent in Labuan Bajo who arranged everything for us. Stefan our guide who never changed clothes during the trip, and never wore shoes while trekking both rinca and komodo island, (I reckon he will have blisters if he wears shoes). Stefan deeply committed to his job to the end, constantly checking the airport for our return flight to Bali. if it wasn’t … Continue reading Our Fantastic Boat Crew

Our last day on the boat

One memorable conversation when waking up this morning: Fanny: *Duk! I bumped my head as I climbed the stairs upFanny: Where are the butterflies?Boat Crew: *Waking up and hurriedly getting ready*Stefan: *Immediately come to sitting position* Good Morning MissFanny: Where are the butterflies?Sari: What do you mean butterflies?Fanny: What? Did I say butterflies. I meant Dolphins. Didn’t Stefan told us yesterday we would be able to see dolphins in the morningStefan: *Panicking, quickly standing up and looking around for dolphins on the sea lol* This is a view of Taka Makasar we couldn’t visit because it was already high tide … Continue reading Our last day on the boat


It started raining when we arrived in Rinca. We were lucky another boat bringing tourists had spare rain jackets for us. Now instead of Beach Goddess, we looked like Sponge Bobs in green spotlight color lol. We met with the dragons right away when we walked to the main house. Guide 1: Yes Ladies, you can take pictures nowUs: What picture? Why do we need to take our picture here? Nothing special about the house behind us, Guide 1: *still insisting, now gesturing to the right*Us: * peering closely, still wondering why the guide insisted so much and then we … Continue reading RINCA ISLAND