Indiana Jones – Dial of Destiny

I grew up with Indiana Jones movies and fell in love with Harrison Ford along the way. I like it so much that my Petra trip was indeed inspired by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie. I also like Indiana Jones as the female lead is not the weak, clingy type but (some are) independent to a fault, smart, with a tinge of baggage. At the very least, given this is adventure series, the ladies can’t all be lounging around in some salon all the time. Growing up, one has to look up to some real idol on screen and Indiana Jones movies is it for me.  Since last Indiana Jones … Continue reading Indiana Jones – Dial of Destiny

Call It Love – A Great Slow Burn Romance

Slow burn dark under rated romance is not my favourite genre. However this one is so good that I nearly dont care whether this story will end as sad ending or not (spoiler alert,  it does not have sad ending).  The story focus on Kim Woojoo (Lee Sung Kyung) who is the female lead character with two siblings older and younger, they are abandoned by their father who remarried while their mom went to live country side after the incident. Her father principally remarried with his mistress and hismistress kicked the siblings out of their house without warning. In parallel Han Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang) who is … Continue reading Call It Love – A Great Slow Burn Romance

Dungeon and Dragon – A Must See !

Admittedly I am not a gamer, I only game through my daughter albeit D&D (as she calls it) is not her favourite. I decided to watch because I quite like Chris Pine. I watched him grew up on screen in many of his movies, Star Trek franchise, Wonder Women, This Means War (still one of my old time favourite for romance action movie more than a decade later), Princess Diaries and even Just My Luck, not to mention Jack Ryan. So I have watched him nearly 20 years and now here we are in a video game movie for a 42 years old (former) heartthrob. I was … Continue reading Dungeon and Dragon – A Must See !

My 4 Wuxia fave in 2023

Without doubt I have soft spots with wuxia movies. It was my go to movie date for the longest time and my fave romance series. While Saeguk is also interesting but to me nowhere near wuxia (or in some instances xianxia movies).  Januari 2023 started strong with strong line up of wuxia series, some of them very very strong quality with not only trademark strong fight choreography, but also strong cinematography and strong props. Here are the list for you to pick from. Enjoy ! A League of Noblemen A League of Noblemen is one such story albeit one of the male lead has no martial … Continue reading My 4 Wuxia fave in 2023

5 Kdrama to Make Everyday is Valentine Day for Everyone

First of all, Valentine Day to me is just a day for all of us to articulate our love for our loved ones, it can be our spouse, boy/girlfriend, children and best friends – even our beloved extended families at work or at school. It definitely should be just one day in 365 days that we articulate more of our loves. They all deserve more than that, after all they also give their loves to us not just 1 day in a year but every single day in the year.  However, to pause on 14th February of our busy lives and then spend time … Continue reading 5 Kdrama to Make Everyday is Valentine Day for Everyone

Sakra – Wuxia Movie to Accompany Lunar New Year

It was a quick decision to watch Sakra. I am a huge fan of Donnie Yen already for many decades and an avid reader and love to watch anything martial art since my childhood days. I love the feeling of challenged every time I watch Wuxia movie. The classic storyline of mastering excellence and enduring hardship until one can succeed, never fail to uplift and harden my resolve to do better. So reading the poster of a Wuxia movie headlined and directed by Donnie Yen, it is an easy decision.  Then I realize during opening title, the story is adapted from very … Continue reading Sakra – Wuxia Movie to Accompany Lunar New Year

Your One Powerful Movie Date and Dinner Table Discussion : Mendadak Darurat

I have made decision that as part of me being nationalistic and love Indonesia, I will start to watch more Indonesian movies. I cannot believe that it will not give me pleasure for being entertained as long as it is not horror movie ( I have small heart when it comes to horror ). So yesterday I watched Mendadak Darurat, simply because I like Reza Rahadian. I enjoy his acting in many of his movies even when the stories concept are a bit on cliché side. This time is no different. Mendadak Darurat story concept revolved around a man who … Continue reading Your One Powerful Movie Date and Dinner Table Discussion : Mendadak Darurat