Our Crew


We are three besties who has been best friend for good part of over a decade, growing up in a corporate world as finance leader. Aside the fact that we have always worked hand-in-hand to grow the business we are given (thankfully successfully every time !), went through a lot of drama, trials and tribulations – worthy of Korean drama perhaps – for some of the episode in our professional lives.

We are very different in our personality, passion but for sure we make these differences work for our personal and professional growth. Fanny is our sport and beauty guru not to mention our travel advisor. Personality-wise, Fanny is the cool headed one who will provide the logical thinking in all matter pertaining to heart and fiercely protective to Dian and Lucky in so many ways especially keeping these two from too vigorously into food. Dian is madly in love with her work, has tons of books very well read and crazily brave and experimentative trying anything new. She is unfortunately the elder in this trio although she kept emphasizing they are of the same generation so the other two can see what aging gracefully takes and at the same time seeing her struggle as working mom. Lucky is – like Dian – heavily into foodie and equally experimentative. These two are games in trying anything, beauty treatment, food while Fanny will do all the heavy lifting of researching, these two just plunging headlong. Lucky is also the tax whiz that Dian and Fanny consult to, while Fanny is the banker of the group. While Dian and Fanny are working women, Lucky focuses on her family lately, so this friendship is really of diverse sisters.

This blog will hopefully represent myriad of different women with different background, passion, hobby that will be a good read and good learning for all of women everywhere.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in our blog are our own.

More about Us

I’m Fanny, the creator of Shallow Obsession and an avid planner who love to pull together the perfect itineraries for holiday and short getaway. Traveling has been my passion ever since I was young and it didn’t stop when my kids were born. They started flying as young as 2 months old and by now both of them happily come with us as we travel to various places whenever we have time. I’m not a good photographer, most of the pictures here are taken by Hubbie, my Son and my bestie Sari (When I travel with her). In my current realm I’m a financial processional in a multinational company. In my spare time when I’m not travelling, I practice Iyengar Yoga and Running. Ever since Covid I have also taken up a new addition on Kdrama binge-watching. Shallow Obsession which was initially a travel blog has now expanded to cover all other things in life which we love. Her besties, Dian and Lucky have agreed to make this blog a collaboration between the three of us. We hope you enjoy reading our blog!

I am Dian, one of the bestie who has agreed to be part of Shallow Obsession’s Crew. My passion has been shifting for many decades ( there are lego and puzzle phase even !) but movies, great books and good food have been mainstay for me. I have hidden passion for fashion, all things beautiful and lately has been madly diving and fall in love into all things East Asian including Korean Drama, learning Mandarin and of course Japanese food. My family is the most important priority for me, so all these passions are shared with them always. So co-writing this lovely blog with my besties is great fun for me and I hope you will enjoy them as well.

Hello I am Lucky, another bestie who happily agree to share about my shallow obsessions in this lovely blog.
Taking a break from Corporate life, I am now focusing on my family.
I have two actives and special kids, which require utmost attention now, so I am trying to be there for them and be a better mom.
I think I am the most impulsive amongst us three. “Just do it” and when things go wrong “fix it”, if it can not be fixed then “it’s “lesson learned”.
I love being problem solver, and mostly I am good at it, that’s why I am not afraid to do anything that I want and tend to be straight forward.
I have a lot of interests, so dynamic and sometimes overwhelming. Foods, Fashion, Travel, Arts, in different periods of my life these interest keep changing.
Currently I would say I am in hibernating period, preparing my offsprings to grow further. So my current interests are evolving around parenting, healthy lifestyle, culinary, and home activities.
Hope my contribution could enrich this beautiful blog and enjoyable 😊.