The People Behind

I’m Silfanny Bahar, the creator of the Shallow Obsession Blog and the dreamer behind every holiday and short weekend getaway. I have my day job as Finance professional in a corporate world. Traveling has been my passion since I was young and it didn’t stop when my kids were born. They started flying as young as 2 months old and by now both of them happily come with us as we travel to various places whenever we have time. I’m an avid planner and love to pull together the perfect itineraries which I hope to share in this blog along with any travel tips, destination reviews and highlight from the places I visit. Our trips are also featured in my instagram @shallowobsession #thepramanatrip and #shallowobsessiontrip

This is my Hubby, the man behind all the pictures posted in my blog. Like me, he is even busier in his daily life but we both make time to travel as a family. There are times during our holiday he would have to fly back and join again because of work commitment but he never complain. We make it work somehow.

Our little traveler and the apple of our eyes. Their only contribution to our trip is making the day brighter with their cheerful attitude whenever we travel.

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