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I started Shallow Obsession to inspire others to travel and share useful information based on our travel experiences and research but now I have decided to expand this blog to cover not only travel but also other things in life. My besties have agreed to actively contribute to this site and they will manage their own sections. We are not a full time Blogger. We have our day jobs and writing for fun. I hope you enjoy reading our blog.


    • Three Places for You to buy Gorgeous Batik and Kebaya (to my taste)

      I have to put caveat upfront I am no expert in fashion nor in Batik. I am excited to learn and is learning, it is so vast of an area, I wouldn’t be surprised some has been doing it for a lifetime. This collection of places is simply my go to place that have never go wrong. The intention is to encourage us to share and promote Indonesian products that we all love. Also it is three but there are many more places I buy Batik from that I know this writing will have a sequel. First one is Bin …

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    • A Love Letter to a (nearly) 15 years Sisterhood

      It was Friday afternoon and my heart sang. I have prepared what to wear since days ago and discuss about it weeks. And no, it isn’t a date. Well, it kind of is, it is with my dearest besties. We knew each other 15 years by January 2023, we went through a lot individually and as besties and am sure Fanny and Lucky agree with me that we are lucky to meet in the company we work for then. A date with them are precious event that we discussed and prepared days or sometime even weeks before, we want to …

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    • My K-POP Journey : Start with BLACKPINK and plus TREASURE Now

      My K-POP Journey : Start with BLACKPINK and plus TREASURE Now

      Ten years ago, I might never imagined that K-POP would became part of my daily life. Even though music is always be my mood maker, I usually like the calming type of music. First time I got to hear BLACKPINK …

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    • How to get your VAT refund when you are traveling

      If you travel to Europe especially Paris most likely you are going to purchase expensive branded stuff and wonder how you can make use of the VAT refund tourist is eligible to. Here’s some tips if you ever have the need to to do a VAT refund for your retail purchases. What you need to know You need to be qualified firstIf your primary residence is outside the country you are visiting and in the case of France, you need to be a resident of non-EU country. And in general you must:– Have been in the country you’re visiting for …

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    • Gendut Siapa Takut – Movie Review

      Gendut Siapa Takut – Movie Review

      I do not regret my decision to watch Gendut Siapa Takut despite its funny title. It is a funny entertaining movie that I enjoy. Some of the Indonesian movies have funny titles that are difficult to translate to English without …

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    • 4 Reasons Why You Should Read Influence Empire – The Story of Tencent and China’s Tech Ambition

      It goes without saying that if you want to stay relevant commercially, understanding digital landscape as well rising technology is critical. Understanding the super powers within the landscape then is equally critical and there are not that many super powers we need to bother truly understand, in which US and China are the leaders of the industry. This book, which to me read nearly like gripping fast paced thriller than dry business book, is it.  Let me give you four reasons why you should invest your time on this book. Self disclosure, I have visited Tencent office in 2017 in …

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