Visiting Cesky Krumlov in a daytrip

How to get there
Cesky Krumlov can be visited from Prague via Train or Bus. There is a direct train from Prague to Cesky Krumlov depart at 08.01am dan arrive 10.55am. From train station we had to walk around 1km to the  town center and the castle. The train to Cesky Krumlov is a classic train with compartment for 6 people. There is also a trolley guy offering refreshment throughout the trip. On our way back to Prague we took the Regio Bus instead of the Train and it didn’t require walking as as much as the train because the bus stop area was closer to the city center.

About Cesky Krumlov
Český Krumlov, in Bohemia’s deep south, is one of the most picturesque towns in Europe. It’s a little like Prague in miniature – a Unesco World Heritage Site with a stunning castle above the Vltava River, an old town square, Renaissance and baroque architecture, and hordes of tourists milling through the streets – but all on a smaller scale; you can walk from one side of town to the other in 20 minutes.

We couldn’t walk fast in Cesky Krumlov because just like Prague old town, the road was made of cobbled stone which was difficult to navigate the stroller. Alyssa also didn’t want to walk too much so we had to use the stroller.

When we reached the gate of the castle we found that Cesky Krumlov has even more fairy tale look than Prague. We walked leisurely along the castle and similar with Prague Castle the walk ascended up and we could see the view of the town from the castle. .

We came out using the same door and went to explore the old town and have lunched at one of the restaurant.

Alyssa watching movie on our Regio jet bus, heading back to Prague.

We arrived back in Prague around 8pm and headed straight to Hotel as we were going to take train to Viena the next day. Bye Cesky Krumlov!