Driving Tuscany in one day

DH woke up early and took many beautiful sights of Panzano. One thing I failed to do while in Panzano is waking up early morning lol

Here are what made me love Chianti

It is also hard to say good bye to our lovely airbnb house in Panzano

Our car and some pictures of Panzano

We originally wanted to drive straight to Pisa but DH wanted to visit Gaiole. Since he couldn’t cycle in Chianti he thought he will treat himself buying some attire from L’eroica store in Gaiole

While DH went shopping, kids and I had breakfast

From Gaiole we pressed on to Pisa (2 hours driving). It was an enjoyable drive with a nice view of Tuscany.

We have to be careful when coming to Pisa Leaning Tower as it is a ZTL area. We parked in the street with metered parking not far from the tower just before ZTL zone. Here’s more info on where to park in Pisa: https://www.discovertuscany.com/pisa/where-to-park-in-pisa.html

Looking at people making all kind of pose with the tower is already an attraction by itself lol.

We only spend probably 1 hour in Pisa. Taking pictures and then buy gelato as we need to be in Manarola by 6pm at least.

We drive thru to La Spezia to return the car to Hertz office. Hertz office is already closed so we parked in front of the office and drop the car key in the box.

I made a mistake when looking at Google map. I thought train station is within walking distance from Hertz office but apparently it was a bus station which I mistakenly thought as train station. Taxi is nowhere to be seen and my Taxi apps don’t work in La Spezia. But there is a bus stop nearby which go to the train station. So I strolled the street to find a tobbaco store which sell bus ticket and luckily found them.

Train from La Spezia to Manarola is only 11 minutes away with 1 stop in Riomaggiore and leave every 15-30 minutes until 8 pm. We couldn’t find a monitor to see which platform is our train and the tourist information office has a long queue. Trenitalia apps comes in handy as I can see in which platform is our train coming

The train is not full but arriving in Manarola the adventure started. Manarola train station only has stairs to move between platform lol. This is why we packed lite hahaha…

The adventure doesn’t end yet as our apartment is located in the upper area as I picked the one with a sea view. Yes I started to regret my choice of having a good view accommodation lol. The struggle is real in Manarola. After climbing the elevated road we still have to deal with stairs outside the building and inside the building as our apartment is on the second level.

The effort is big for this view

Having said that I am satisfied with the apartment “Le Storie Di Manarola” which we booked from Booking.com The owner is very responsive and he gave detailed instruction on how to reach the apartment and how to retrieve the key. He also provide free cold drinks and all kind of snacks for us. The apartment is small but it has all the necessary amenities, even the drying clips which I found very thoughtful. The shower is also good.

One of the best thing about summer trip is the day is long. So after resting and freshen up we still have time to capture photos just before sunset

And stroll to Nessun Dorma to see their photo spot

We had very nice dinner too in Marina Piccola

It is dark when we reached our room and Manarola is for once quiet as the daytrippers have left