Boat Trip in Lake Thun

We were more relaxed today and got more sleep in as we have covered both mountains we wanted to see and we wanted to take it easy for today.

We finally left the house at 10am and took the train to Interlaken Ost. We couldn’t buy west ticket from Grund so we may as well just walked from Ost station to West and see what Interlaken town was like.

Matching kiddos

I was hoping we would walk by the lake but the lake was behind and we were walking on the main road which were full of shops. We also found many halal and asian restaurants as there were many Arab, India and Chinese nationalities staying in Interlaken. It was actually a nice base if you also wanted to cover non-Jungfrau region. Plus eating out was easy with many halal restaurants available.

We also saw many skydivers in the sky because today was such a sunny day. We saw a bunch of them landed in the park.

Interlaken Park

It was a 20 minutes walk to West station and we follow direction for the cruise. We could see the ship and was told we could buy the ticket on the ship. We could also buy train ticket back from Thun to interlaken west on the ship.

The ship for Lake Thun cruise

The ship has first and second class. And there was restaurant inside. We sat outside on the second class and opened our picnic lunch as we started cruising

The colour of lake Thun was a beautiful turquoise blue. I read that its beautiful colors resulted from glacial particles known as “rock flour” that reflect the blue-green sector of the light spectrum.

Seating area outside
Kids area inside

The cruise stops at various points and mostly are hotels and at every stop I saw many holiday homes and people sunbathing and swimming in the lake. In my next summer trip to Switzerland I would like to stay in one of those holiday homes by the lake. We also passed thru 3 castles: Spiez, Oberhofen and Thun castle

I would like to stay in one of these places if we go for summer trip again

The cruise was a good two hours. We alighted in Thun and continued walking to see Alstad the old town

Thun Village
Alstad old town

We found a way to the Thun castle using elevator thru parking place in Alstad. The castle has been turned into hotel and restaurant but you are still able to roam the area and look at the view of Thun from above. There is also a museum.

Thun Castle

From Thun we took the train back and stop in Spiez. In Spiez we took the little lido train which took us around Spiez in 40 minutes. The train really saved our legs from having to climb on our way back.

Snack break
Lido Train

Staying in Spiez would be interesting as well because it was pretty much in the middle and I would love staying near the lake. 

We went back to interlaken and stroll leisurely this time and had dinner in one of the halal restaurants

Interlaken was too touristy for me but it has the comfort factor with the halal restaurants.

Today was our last day in Jungfrau and the last 4 days had been amazing. We still have not explored Schynigge platte, Wengen and Almendhubel. Hopefully we will be able to return in the future.

Saying goodbye to Grindelwald Grund. We could not have picked a better place than this ❤️