Visiting Starfield Coex Mall

Starfield coex Mall claimed to be Asia largest underground mall is located in Gangnam District and share the same location with Coex building and connected with Intercontinental Coex and Parnas.

They have Megabox cinema, aquarium and and also connected with Hyundai Dept store. I also found many skincare shops which I found in Myeongdong such as A Land and Lalavla. And of course the more mainstream shop such as etude, innisfree, etc

One of the unique thing they have is Starfield Library. I never see a library inside a mall and the library is huge. Too bad most of the books are in korean. You can not borrow the books as well, you can only read the books there. I saw many people are working and studying there as well.

It is not a must visit if you don’t stay near the area. But if your hotel is within the area it is a nice Mall to go to. I just realized that I don’t actually need to go to Myeongdong because they also have A Land and Lalavla store here. And this store is connected to the hotel I’m staying so I don’t actually need to go to Myeongdong lol.

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