Welcoming 2022 with hopefully more travel (albeit in a new normal setting)

Hiking Ijen

Happy New Year 2022 everyone! I have not been writing here since my last travel to Iceland which was the last travel to Europe and since then all the countries in the world closed their border and concentrated all efforts to fight the virus.

We did a few travel here and there within Indonesia for the last 2 years, otherwise we could go crazy. We only travelled once in 2020 after Iceland trip because we were still scared. We went glamping for 3 days in Trizara Resorts Lembang in West Java in October. And in December we went 3 days to Puncak and stayed in Le Eminence Hotel.

We did more travel in 2021 as after one year we have adjusted and know how we can avoid the virus and keep ourselves safe. Two long holidays and several weekend breaks, mostly extended trip from Hubby’s frequent out of town meetings/workshops. We stayed over the weekend in Gunung Geulis Resorts (love the hotel!), Pullman Vimala Hills (This one even better and we went there 3 times), Swiss Bell Hotel Bandung (So-so Hotel but I like the location in Dago), Padma Hotel Bandung (My favorite hotel), did road trip to Bali in March (because flying was too scary for us at that time) and another Bali holiday in December (but this time we are flying). I also went to my hometown in Harau after Bali trip in March accompanying my parents. I have also resumed business trips on the second half. I flew to Surabaya and Medan and did road trip to Central Java.

It has been two years since Covid19 breakout aka the pandemic and since then more than half of the population have been infected, we have had vaccinated twice and the third one aka booster is coming our way in 2022. The virus seemed to have slowed down in in September and October last year but then we had a new variant Omicron lurking in the corner when everybody were busy with Christmas and New Year travel.

Omicron the new variant, reported to be milder than Delta and Alpha. Maybe because majority of the population have been vaccinated or gained herd immunity as a lot of people have been infected either with the original virus or the delta variant.

I have been planning to resume our travel abroad again for this March when the kids had their term break. We were talking about it with Mira and Dion and we got excited and started building itinerary and did research. We were thinking of a simple winter trip to Lapland Finland (because it was already open border and no quarantine) and Stockholm. Norway was in our no.1 list but the country still closed its border. Come December we saw cases rising again and we were bracing for the worst in January as many people coming back from Christmas holiday. And again we saw our country putting quarantine back to 14 days in early January.

So I kept my itinerary for a March winter trip neatly and we wait and see. Praying that Omicron case will finally come down and Government to reduce the quarantines days requirement. 3 days quarantine are the maximum days we can afford.

We have kicked off first week January with a weekend getaway in Banyuwangi. Hubby needed to go to Banyuwangi for a wedding party. I tagged along because Hubby and one of his office friend wanted to go to Ijen and I also wanted to try Dialoog Hotel (Beautiful Hotel). I will write a separate post on Banyuwangi and Ijen.

So 2022 here we go…finger crossed we can resume travel again this year!!!

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