Staying in Eliasen Rorbuer

The Lofoten Islands are famous for arctic winters, cod fish and untouched nature. When you browse articles in Lofoten, most of the time the picture of red fishermen cabins (called Rorbuer) perched in a shoreline of a small island with dramatic backdrop of jagged snowcap mountain would pop up. These red fishermen cabins in the quiet harbor of Hamnøy, the oldest fishing village in Norway are property of Eliassen Rorbuer .

It was in Hamnøy where the first buildings were constructed both as residential as well as hovedhus (manor) houses and utility buildings. In the mid-1870s the Wulff-Nilsen and Eliassen families appeared on Hamnøy. They started a story of Eliassen, Wulf-Nilsen and Ole Karl Rostad families that were involved in the organization of fishing, purchase and sale of fish.

Milestone in the development of Hamnøy was the construction of the pier in 1953. Look to the right side of the featured picture. Do you see open harbor? This is where the main road E10 is located today. Pier resulted in the creation of the safest harbor in the West Lofoten to the present day. Hamnøy was connected to the rest of the world by E10 in 1963 and construction of bridges in 1981.

Eliasen Rorbuer now own a cluster of 70 cabins (They have added more new cabins since 3 years ago). These fishermen’s cabins were once used by fishermen from all over Norway as accommodation during the world’s biggest annual cod fishing event. The oldest are from 1890. These days most of the cabins have been fully renovated and adjusted to the needs of numerous tourists coming from all over the world to visit Lofoten. The genuine character and décor of the cabins remind visitors of their original use.

I have 2 obsessions when planning my first trip to Scandinavian countries in March 2020. First Aurora and second sleeping in Rorbuer in Lofoten. We saw aurora for the first time in Iceland but my second obsession was only fulfilled two years after as Norway closed its border to tourist when we landed in Iceland. When Norway lifted its quarantine requirement and opened the door for tourists we processed our visa right away and bought tickets. I have browsed for several Rorbuers in Lofoten island and my heart has been captured with the picture of Eliasen Rorbuer.

My heart almost exploded when our car finally reached Hamnøy and saw the various red cabins in all sizes and Eliasen Rorbuer was tucked on the edge of the fjord. We had contactless check-ins where we downloaded their apps and the key code sent to us thru the apps. We got cabins no.25, the waterfront superior 2 bedrooms which fit 4 people. All the cabins come with kitchenette, a big plus considering eating out in Norway is expensive. But not all cabins are waterfront or over the water. They only have two 3bedroom cabins and the rest are 1 and 2 bedrooms cabin. The sound of seagulls were welcoming us as we made our way to our cabin and get settled.

in front of our cabin’s terrace

Hubbie quickly got his cameras and tripod and walked to Hamnøy bridge to capture the famous photograph of Eliasen Rorbuer.

View at dawn

We got a very nice surprise after dinner; an elusive lady aurora decided to give us an appearance at exactly 8pm.

Every morning we do our routine; standing in Hamnøy bridge along with many photographer trying to capture the golden light and took pictures on Hamnøy from every angle.

Every corner of this place is mesmerizing and we had to take tons of pictures to bring home with us

How to get to Eliasen Rorbuer

  1. Taking Car Ferry from Bodo to Moskenes. The timetable and prices are available at
    Eliasen Rorbuer is 10 km from the ferry station in Moskenes. You can rent a car from Rent a Car Moskenes  or take a bus during day time from Moskenes to Hamnøy, or order Moskenes Taxi in advance: +4790909190 (about 200-250 NOK)
  2. Fly from Bodø to Leknes with Wideroe or the whole way from Oslo – Bodø – Leknes with SAS . Eliasen rorbuer is 1 hour driving from Leknes airport. You can rent a car with international networks for car rental such as Avis, Hertz and Sixt. Or from local rental company such as Rent a car Lofoten. You  can also take public bus near the airport in Leknes to Hamnøy. If you arrive to Evenes airport you can also rent a car (5 hour driving) or take a bus. 
    The bus timetables and prices are available at and the bus stop is 5-7minute walk from the reception. Get off on the bus stop “Hamnøy” close to the tunnel and walk along the main road, around the harbour. If you arrive from Moskenes the bus will drop you off right after the Hamnøy bridge. It is 1 minute walk to the reception.

Eliasen Rorbuer is very popular especially in Summer. So book early especially if you want waterfront location or a three bedroom cabin. We book thru and got a good deal Vs other Rorbuers. But if you have a specific cabin in mind, just book directly with them at their website

Check our compilation video of Eliasen below.

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